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Getting yourselves prepared for your North Cyprus family vacation is just but so exciting that you can'€™t afford to miss any. You'€™ll find it so easy to roam around within Cyprus because every local understands and speaks English language.

Getting around Cyprus
You'€™ll love the roads in North Cyprus because of the beautification projects through the financial aid from Turkey. When you go around you'€™ll notice all the upgrades they'€™ve made to make traveling by road easier and safer. If you are going to drive in North Cyprus make sure you drive on the left side of the road.

Hiring a car to go around
Hiring from a reputable rent-a- car company would require the person to be at least 25 years of age and have and must already have a license from their home country and should be carrying International Driving license when inquiring; yes, the gray cardboard that you'€™ll get from your country you have to show it to the front desk personnel like when you travel also to other European countries.

Make sure that you do the usual checkups before getting a car. See if the break is working well to avoid mishaps on the road. The rate would usually start from UK £15 per day. There is no public transport that you could use in North Cyprus, only taxis and buses.

If you will arrive at the Ercan airport, you'€™ll find that there is no public transport bus service, you must have to take a taxi when you arrived from the airport to bring you to your destination. But unless you are booked to stay at larger hotels or you'€™ll come to North Cyprus on a holiday package, you will be met by a hotel representative at the airport. 

If you need a taxi, they are widely used throughout the North Cyprus but you must not be surprised when you pay because they aren'€™t using any meter. So it is better to ask the driver a price or to give you a quote before hiring a taxi. Paying for your fare could be done in either Turkish liras or by pounds sterling. If you are not that too meticulous and want to save some money, you could also get around by a shared taxi system, where they are using minibuses.

When is the best time to visit to North Cyprus?
If you want to enjoy the beach while on vacation, you must remember that when you go on holiday or vacation to North Cyprus sometime in June or September, think of the weather or sea temperature to be slightly cooler than the rest of the months. So you have to check with your travel agent when is the best time you can enjoy the sea before booking yourselves to a vacation.

Clothing in North Cyprus
During summertime you would only need some light clothing and may wear light sandals or shoes. Again, since very near to the coastline, do not forget to bring with you some head-dress to protect your skin against the sun. And if its winter where the climate is expected to be cooler and moister, you must have a light jacket with you and several pullovers.