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If you are thinking of going into a holiday and just tired of the usual places you've been visiting every year -€“ you have to visit Cyprus. The place where you can enjoy the summer to the fullest! The sun, beach, wonderful climate and the fantastic people in Cyprus are waiting for you.

Visiting the third of the largest island in the coast of lovely Mediterranean Sea is really something that you need to look forward to when you want something new. If you think of crystal clear water to swim at while with your loved ones, North Cyprus is the best place.

Geographically speaking, North Cyprus is very near to Turkey and there is an average of almost 320 - 340 days full sunshine in a year making very famous to tourists. North Cyprus'€™ coastline is one of the finest and safest place for swimming which brings delight to those who loves to do snorkeling, diving and fishing.

The Cyprus Island has started hosting many colorful cultural events for years. Mostly held at historical places or sites like the following:

These colorful and memorable events have always been proven to attract wide interest across the globe; thus they held different activities almost every weekend for the tourists and visitors have the feel of their native culture. Not only that, when its springtime Cyprus play host to array of most celebrated and famous musicians all over the world conducting programs to entertain those who loves listening to lovely music.

The Seas, scenery and places in Cyprus.
Historical enough, Cyprus is a place where enjoying the nature is at its best. You would somehow feel the paradise that you have been searching for because of the lovely places that you will see there. The wonderful and beautiful flowers that blossoms because of the best weather condition would make it more exciting to visit the whole place.

If you will just journey a little further along the magical east coast, you will discover the ancient city of the famous Famagusta or Gazimagosa. If you visit the north east of Cyprus, you would feel like that the scenery turns into small grazing land enclosed by stone walls and scattered with olive trees and or rocky outcrops. The different beaches at the length of the coast there are combination of solid rock pools and secluded sandy bays.

Simply by looking the complementary scenery of North Cyprus will just take your breath away -€“ mesmerize from beauty of Kyrenia harbor up to the eye-catching Five Finger Mountains or from the beautiful and attractive coastlines to the fresh stretches of the beach and isolated secret coves places, North Cyprus truly an incredible place to visit.

Don'€™t be left behind, visit this wonderful island and enjoying the beach is really guaranteed. People are warm and friendly enough to make any tourist or visitors to feel comfortable and safe. Dealing with locals is not just easy but fun, too.