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Car Hire in North Cyprus

Public transportation is inexpensive and the locals are friendly. However, when utilizing public transportation you cannot be 100% sure of your time of arrival anywhere and usually it stops running to certain areas during the evening hours. Taxis are another option that you have available yet to some that can be pricey. This is why it is ideal to hire a car during your North Cyprus holiday. Usually, the streets are not crowded, which means it will be easier for you to become acquainted with the of driving in the area.

With us, you can hire car at the most competitive rates. Your car will be delivered at your resort and rates are available with daily charges. Additionally, if you plan to book a flight, it can be beneficial for you to utilize available transfers that we have available and receive your car the following day. With us, you can be confident knowing that we can bring a car to any place, including private resorts. You also have the option of having your car delivered to the airstrip too. Just keep in mind that for the best rate you need to have the car for at least three days. If you go with a shorter rental option, your daily rate is going to be higher.

Cars That We Have Available

Most of our vehicles include air conditioning excluding some convertibles. Below is a list of the vehicles that we have available. However, keep in mind we are a popular car hire company in North Cyprus so it is suggested that you book as early as possible to guarantee that you will receive your desired vehicle.

· Ford Fiesta

· Ford Focus

· Chevrolet Spark

· Chevrolet Aveo

· Suzuki Vitara 4x4

· Land Rover Freelancer 4x4

· Opel Zafira 7 seater family car

· Mini One Convertible

Things to keep in Mind before Renting a Car in North Cyprus

Renting a vehicle in North Cyprus requires you to be over 25 and have a valid British or international driving license. Both sections of your license have to be shown in order to get the car. When renting a car from us we include full comprehensive protection and collision damage. We even included a complete road map because GPS does not include Northern Cyprus. Whenever you are in the vehicle it is important to make sure that your hire agreement and driver’s license is on hand. All of our vehicles take unleaded petrol so you will have no problem filling them up. However, we always recommend filling up the vehicle before you begin driving a long distance because not all areas have many garages available for you to fill up at.

Road traffic laws in North Cyprus are similar to those of the UK. Speed limits are enforced. Cameras are on many roads so make sure you always follow the speed limit. All passengers should wear seatbelts, there is no drinking and driving, and you should never use your mobile phone while driving.